SLK's Past and Current Projects


Since 2006, Supporting the Language of Kaua'i, Inc. has conducted many projects in fulfillment of its mission. While these have primarily been focused on immersion education at Kawaikini NCPCS, SLK is now expanding its capacity to help other inititatives and projects whose mission align with its own. Some of the previous projects that have been successfully implemented, and several that are ongoing, include:

Past Projects

  • Busing services for Ke Kula Kaiapuni o Kapa'a (2005-2007) - SLK served as the local fiscal sponsor of a legislative grant to provide much-needed busing to students attending the Hawaiian immersion school.
  • Creation of Kawaikini New Century Public Charter School (2006-2008) - SLK implemented this two-year project to create a new Hawaiian language start-up charter school. SLK provided fiscal, technical, and other guidance through the envisioning and start-up phases with the charter being awarded in November 2007.
  • Project Frog classrooms at Kawaikini NCPCS (2008 - 2012) - SLK played a major role in bringing two state-of-the-art buildings to Kawaikini in partnership with the UH Natural Energy Institute, Office of Naval Research, and Project Frog. The smart buildings have been in place since 2012
  • Facilities construction and support for Kawaikini NCPCS (2009 - 2013) - This multi-year project involved the construction of roadwork, water and electrical infrastructure, and installation of approxmately 10,000sf of classroom space for the school. The project was completed in 2013.
  • WASC Accreditation (2011 - 2014) - SLK provided fiscal sponsorship of the first WASC accreditation multi-year application process for Kawaikini NCPCS. Kawaikini received the full 6-year WASC accreditation in Spring 2014.
  • 'Aha Kaua'i Coalition youth services (2012-2014) - SLK provided fiscal sponsorship of a series of cultural activities for Native Hawaiian youth on Kaua'i in partnership with 'Aha Kaua'i, QLCC, and Department of Human Services.

Current/ongoing projects:

  • Kawaikini Multi-purpose Building project - This project will build a multi-purpose facility for the school to take the place of tents and other inadequate facilities. With plans and designs in place, SLK is currently seeking funding for construction of the facility.
  • Kawaikini Energy Savings project - SLK is currently seeking funding to install photovoltaic and other energy- and money-saving technology to benefit the school.
  • Community grants program - SLK has initiated a new community grants program to provide small awards to local projects and organizations conducting activities to further the Hawaiian language.
  • Teacher development program - SLK is developing a program to ensure that more home-grown graduates pursue teaching degrees in the Hawaiian language so that they may return to teach in our schools.
  • Upper Campus Facility Expansion - SLK is currently developng plans for additional meeting and activities space.

Did you know? Hawaiian is an official language of the state of Hawai´i.

Did you know? There are 20 Hawaiian immersion schools in the state.

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